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Ash Wednesday

(This post is late because of Brandi, not Sister Shana)

Hello, Everyone. 🙂

Today is Ash Wednesday and Lent has officially begun. This year is different, of course, and it will be interesting to see how the community participates in Lent. We have decided on a group, as well as individual, sacrifices. As a group, the Postulants have decided to limit “frivolous” talk and spend one day a week in silence. We can, of course, talk if necessary, but it should be very limited. One day a week, we will not eat meat and there will be no snacking between meals.

Plus, one day of the week, we will have a bread and water fast. I’ve never done a fast like this before. Basically, we will eat bread (as much as we need to satisfy our hunger) at meals and will not snack in between. We are still able to drink coffee and tea. So, I guess it’s a bread, water, coffee and tea fast. But that seems a little long to say, so we’ll stick with “bread and water.” 🙂

Each particular day of the week has a different intention. One is for the intentions of our families. Another is for the success of our Australian foundation and one is for an increase in the union and charity of our sisters.

One thing I recommend for Lent is that you let your family know whatever you decide to do for Lent. You can also choose a spiritual director. That person is someone who can help guide you and make sure that you are not doing anything too difficult. That is the nice thing about living in a community. Our Superior is aware of what we intend to do and can help guide each of us if we experience any difficulties along the way.

Lent is a very blessed season with an intensification of our spiritual lives and a deepening of our relationship with Christ. May this lent produce abundant fruit in each of your lives.

Love, Sister Shana


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