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Hello, Everyone.

Thank you to those who have written me and for all those who have checked out how my life is going. This is a brief synopsis of what’s been occurring over the past few weeks.

About two weeks ago a seamstress came in and helped us all get our habits started for next year. The only different between the postulant dress and the habit is the length of the dress and the veil. During the two years of the Novitiate, the veils will be white and are very beautiful. Once temporary vows begin, we transition to black veils. However, during the Novitiate, we wear the black veils when outside the community. One of the reasons is that, especially as new teachers, students would see that the novice was new and be harder on her than they would an older sister. So, the tradition continues. All told, I will need to have 10 habits and 4 veils made, hopefully all done by the Spring.

This last weekend, we had a woman come in to give the postulants singing lessons. The singing is very important here since we join together two to three times a day for prayers with a lot of chanting of psalms for the Liturgy of the Hours. We also sing canticles and other songs and prayers. The idea is that the whole community can sing in one voice. It’s a difficult task, so we have lots of help. The instructor is a friend of the community and has been working with us for the past three years or so. In particular, she focuses on the postulants who have to come in and join the main group – and not throw everyone else off. Trying to sing soprano as an also is very difficult. Now I am going to start learning how to sing 2nd, which is more in my range.

Also last weekend, we had a retired Doctor and his wife come to talk with the postulants and novices about their relationship with the community over the past few decades. There is definitely a mutual love between the sisters and the couple. It was so wonderful to see how much appreciation and respect was present at the lectures.

This week is getting back into a more normal schedule and things will probably settle down for a while. I hope all is going well with each of you. May you each be open to God’s work in your life.

Sister Shana

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