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Sept. 8 was the entrance into posulancy cermony for all seven of us. We then started to be addressed as “sister.” Now, I am “Sister Shana.”

The rest of teh day on Monday was relaxing and having fun. We went to a retreat area and had a cookout and explored the paths.

Our prayers start early at 5:30 and continue for a few hours. This week, we have had classes in teh morning and afternoon on St. Thomas Aquinas. On Thursday and Friday, we did a lot of yard work with mowing and weeding and cleaning. We return for prayers at about 5 p.m. and then have dinner after 6:30 p.m.

I hope all is going well with you and know that you are all in my prayers.

Sister Shana


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Today is Shana’s birthday. Shana had told us that we could call her, but we had no idea how many phone calls she could accept. I called my mom at 8 today  to ask if they had called yet. Not yet. Then, as soon as I hung up with Mom, Jason said – why not a 3-way call? I knew I could do that on my phone, but had never done it. So, after calling all the people involved – Jamey and Mom and Dad, I set about to call Shana.

After at least 3 or 4 minutes of figuring it out, we all got on the phone. What would we have done before the world of conference calling and speakerphones?

Updates from Shana:

  • Shana’s housemates got her flowers, made her breakfast and got her a card today.
  • The postulants were able to go on a trip about an hour and a half north where they rented ATVs and rode around. Yup. You guessed it. Nuns in dresses riding ATVs.
  • They spend a lot of their day in prayer – probably something like 6 or so hours.
  • They’ve been doing a lot of upkeep to the property. Shana was on a giant riding lawn mower with a very large mowing deck this week. She’s getting used to doing lots of work in a dress.
  • They haven’t begun getting up quite as early as she expected … yet. They’ve begun their day this past week at around 8 – as opposed to the 5:30 a.m. start that will begin next week.

Jack and Nick got on the phone as well – wishing Aunt Shana a happy birthday. So very sweet. Of course, Nick didn’t quite understand why he couldn’t go to a birthday party and wanted to know where Shana’s birthday party was going to be held. Shana insisted he could have a party without her, though he didn’t care for that idea.

Technology has made things a little easier to “cheat.” If the rule is one picture frame, then we’ll get a digital one that flashes multiple pictures. If the rule is one phone call, then we’ll just conference everyone in. Surely God won’t begrudge us a little leniency with the rules.

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For transparency, this post is being written by Brandi … though Shana asked me to write it. Mom, Dad, Shana and I went up to Alma, Michigan this weekend and dropped Shana off. It was a wonderful trip as it gave us all a chance to see what Shana has seen – and truly feel comfortable with her and her decision. The home where she will live in gorgeous. The town is quaint, but really a decent size at about 12,000. And the sisters we met, including Mother Superior, welcome us with open arms – literally. It will truly be a wonderful place to live and grow in faith, and we couldn’t be happier for her. The sisters knew that saying goodbye to Shana was difficult and they were so wonderful as they hugged Mom – knowing it was probably most difficult for a mother. The Mother Superior told us “don’t think of it as losing a daughter or sister – but like gaining 70 nuns.” 🙂 She was definitely a hoot, and I was so very pleased to know that humor and laughter would abound in with the Religious Sisters of Mercy. Life is so very bleak without laughter, and the seriousness of the convent was one of my greatest concerns. I’m so very glad to have that fear wiped away.

So – what’s it look like? Well, Mom and I took pictures. Lots of them. Shana told us that our incessant picture-taking was “only slightly embarrassing.” 🙂 I will post more pictures in the coming days. We got to see everything from the house – built in 1917 I believe – to the new chapel and retreat center with commercial kitchen. More to come!

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